“Toycessories” and “Bookcessories”; In Praise of the Physical



In my last posting, "Don't Throw Out the Dictionary; making the case for physical books," I wrote about the added value that comes from knowing one's way around a physical dictionary or any book for that matter. Internet research, reading and even purchasing are highly focused.  They can and do invite one to click on to other sites but there is something hurried about it all.  Physical books slow you down. That may not be so good if you are in a hurry (and most of us are) but sometimes we need to stop our forward motion and just ponder.  

As I see it:  The Internet is a series of explosions while a good book is a slow burning fuse.  There is good reason for both.

I wonder if the same could be said for physical versus digital play.  Is part of the charm of playing on the floor with toys the fact that there is not a lot of feedback; that the player does not wait for a payoff so much as allow his or her mind explore the moment.

If that is the case, the irony is that while we once (like two years ago) spoke of appcessories maybe its time to turn that notion on its head and think of books as "bookcessories " and toys as "toycessoryies."  In an age in which digital play is like an all encompassing wave, perhaps a case can be made for toys as an opportunity to take the digital experience and to hold play in one's hands…to slow it down…to build with it…to tear it down… and even to find out what play smells like.  

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  1. I think hands on is always great…
    Also, being able to use a computer proficiently while still being able to utilize a book is an important skill!
    I think books help child development a lot, there are a lot of distractions on the computer, so I think a balance of books and digital interactions are key.

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