The Licensing Show; It’s All About you

Licensing-expo-sponsored-by-limaI just returned from a very enjoyable Licensing Show in Las Vegas and I had the pleasure of seeing some of you there.  I like this show because it takes place in a soft (lots of carpet), quiet (lots of sound proofing) and human scale environment.  

I also led seminars in which I enjoyed being with groups of highly intelligent and very interested participants. All in all, it was a very positive experience.  

While there, a number of people asked me how I evaluated this year’s show:  Was it bigger / smaller than last year; did I like the venue; how was the party?  As I began answering their questions I thought back over the many trade shows I have attended over the years and suddenly concluded:  Those things really don’t make the difference in the quality of a show; it’s all about you (or in my case, me).


Each person brings a template of quantifiable expectations (the number of meetings, the size of the orders, etc.) as well as hopes (will I meet top decision makers, will I land a big client) and anxiety (will I make my plane; will they keep my reservation).  How well we meet these hopes and expectations has a lot to do with how well we are organized, how hard we work, how sociable we are and how lucky.  It probably has even more to do with how reasonable are our expectations.

So, maybe its time we all quit paying attention to the size of the crowds in the aisles and more to whether we accomplished what we set out to do.  That way we know who to blame or praise:  Ourselves.

How was your show?



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  1. Spot on Richard. I’ve been arguing for years that exhibition visitor numbers are vanity metrics. Most visitors have around 25-30 meetings during the show: the outcome of those meetings is what drives the overall experience, not the number of people wandering around in the aisles.

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