Apply Some Lalaloopsy Magic To Stand Out From The Competition!



I recall the first time my eyes fell on Lalaloopsy dolls back in 2010 I was totally mesmerized. A rush of both admiration and inspiration was flowing through me. The doll was out of the ordinary, colorful, creative and funky. In one word Lalaloopsy was very different from any other fashion doll available in the market.  

These exotic dolls are said to have been rag dolls that magically came to life after the last thread was sewn. Each doll has its own name and personality, which comes from the fabrics it's made from. Created by MGA Entertainment who is keen on designing innovative consumer products the dolls were designed to teach kids that:

  1. Everybody is unique in their own special way
  2. Old things can become new again and everything deserves a second life
  3. And other important life lessons such as diversity and individuality 

Since its launch back in 2010, the doll extended its toy line “sew far!” from 8 dolls to more than 140 characters living in Lalaloopsy Land (large, mini and little)! This is addition to an adorable range of plush toys and exciting play sets which sparks kids’ creativity and imagination!

Lalaloopsy Land

What's more interesting, that despite the very competitive nature of the fashion dolls' category with great offerings from Barbie, Bratz, Moxie, Disney Dolls, Jessica, etc. this beautifully designed fashion doll has managed to incredibly stand out from the competition, gain market share, win girls’ hearts with its fascinating look and story and successfully secure great shelf space at the fashion dolls section in different retail outlets.

Moreover the doll has appeared in many popular TV shows and has won multiple awards in the last few years:

In 2013 Lalaloopsy won 3 NPD Awards

Lalaloopsy Mini Doll Assortment – 1st item in Playset Themes Figurines & Accessories

Lalaloopsy Collector Ivory Ice Crystals – 1st item in Display Dolls & Accessories

Lalaloopsy Soft Doll Assortment – 1st item in Other Dolls & Accessories

 In 2012

Lalaloospy Silly Hard: Harmony B. Sharp won:

  1. Toys R Us “Fab 15 2012”
  2. Walmart “Top Toys 2012”

Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls won:

  1. Time To Play “Most Wanted 2012”

In 2011

Lalaloopsy Tree House:

  1. Dr. Toy “100 Best Children’s Products for 2011”
  2. The Toy Insider “Hot 20”
  3. Kmart “Fab 15”

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls:

  1. Toys “R” Us “Fabulous 15”
  2. Toy Talk Awards 2011 “Highly Commended Best Doll Category”
  3. Right Start “Highly Commended”
  4. Time To Play Magazine “People’s Play Awards – Large & Baby Doll Category”

Mini Lalaloopsy

  1. Right Start “Bronze”

In 2010

  1. Funfare Magazine “All Star List”
  2. Time To Play “People’s Choice 2010”

Incredible isn’t it!

So going back to our topic on Lalaloopsy’s Magic we realize that these beautiful dolls don’t only fire up kids’ imagination but also teach business players some powerful strategies! One of the most important lessons learnt from Lalaloopsy that for businesses to stand out and succeed in a category they must offer something different, focus their efforts, create a unique subcategory (a niche) within the category itself, be the first in it and lead it!  

And to further reinforce this idea, we share below 4 main advantages that your business will gain from applying differentiation as their competitive strategy: 

  • Standing out from the competition. Differentiation helps consumers to distinguish between your brand and other competing options. Lalaloopsy is not another Barbie or a normal fashion doll! It’s an extra ordinary and incredibly exciting fashion doll with a unique shape and look that sparks girls’ imagination!
  • Avoiding price war! The beauty of product differentiation resides in its directed focus and efforts towards refining customers’ experience through offering a unique set of products with great features rather than competing on the cost value.
  • Gaining a competitive edge! Differentiation strategy elevates both the design and the quality of a brand, which results in granting the company a competitive advantage over other players especially if the brand works relentlessly on improving its offerings to wow customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Building a loyal customer base. When consumers experience the unique attributes of a brand and feel its genuine approach to stay true to its own values they will build a positive perception about the brand, develop an emotional connection towards it and choose to give this unique brand their business over other brands even if the price was slightly higher.
      Lalaloopsy Toys

Having said that, it’s becoming a must for toy companies to add a touch of differentiation to their offerings and include the uniqueness factor in their DNA in order to shine and win in a competitive market place! And Lalaloopsy has been a great example of a successful and exotic fashion doll, which has maintained its own magic through continuous commitment towards producing innovative ideas and designs that enrich kids' lives! So we encourage you today to add your own Lalaloopsy magic, differentiate your brand and become the star of the toy industry!


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