The Charlie Charlie Game Has Gone Viral. Is it Just a Game?



Have you heard about the game Charlie Charlie?  It's a simple game that is part urban legend and part Magic 8 Ball.  Whatever it is, it has gone viral with kids.  

It's played with two pencils and a piece of paper. The users (it takes at least two) make a simple grid and alternately write the words "Yes" and "No" into the four boxes.  

Players then call out "Charlie Charlie can we play?"  If the pencil points at "Yes" then he is present. You can then ask Charlie "Yes" or "No" questions.  

It sounds to me like a poor man's Magic 8 Ball or Ouija Board.  Still some take it very seriously and deem it to be dangerous as it calls up evil spirits.  

Here is a somewhat creepy video that explains the game:


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