Danny Collins Buys Toys From Toys ‘R’ Us!


Danny Collins Poster

Just finished watching the newly released movie “Danny Collins” here in Dubai. Inspired by a true story, the movie talks about an aging rock star who decided to change his life when he knows that John Lennon wrote him a letter 40 years back.

The movie is very funny and emotional. One of the interesting parts of the movie, when Al Pacino (Danny) tries to fix things with his grown up son and his family whom he had never seen before, and to demonstrate care and love Danny buys loads of toys for his granddaughter from Toys ‘R’ Us. The scene doesn’t show the shopping experience itself, just spots the light on the numerous Toys ‘R’ Us bags in Danny’s van! 

When you watch the movie, you will realize a strong focus on some brands like Mercedes, Hilton Hotel and other names. I am not sure if Toys ‘R’ Us was a planned tie up, nevertheless, this is a great example of what product placement in media is all about. It is a very effective strategy that offers brands great benefits in terms of massive brand exposure, connecting with audiences on a more personal level, and elevating the brand's strength through leveraging the power of association with strong movies/ shows and popular celebrities.

It will be smart for toy brands to focus more on such tie-ups and apply this advertising technique by partnering with popular TV programs, cartoons and cinema movies in addition to online shows/ series and even social media influencers to promote their products and enjoy the above benefits!

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