6500 New Scrabble Words; “AUGH”




"Spew" by sculptor Ron Ulicny

Serious Scrabble players spend a great deal of time memorizing the dictionary.  Well, this year they have another 6500 words to add to their vocabulary.  That is thanks to Collins Publishing and its Official Scrabble Words dictionary.  With new words comes new controversy.  Here are just a few of the new ones I have picked out.  What do you think?


AUGH – The sound of frustration that people and mostly Charlie Brown makes when they just                         cannot take anymore.

BLECH – The sound you make when you are disgusted with something you just ate or heard.  

EMOJI – Those little cartoon faces that people use to express emotions.

GRR – The sound dogs and some people make when they are angry.

LOLZ – Laughing out loud.

THANX – Another way to say thanks.

VAPE – Inhaling from those new vapor cigarettes.

Oh yes, in case you were worried, TWERKING made it in.

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