A Toy Collectors Web Site Is Launched; The Creator Shares His Ideas

Christian Portrait Photo-1Christian Braun contacted me about the new collectors website he has created. I found it to be intriguing and I think you will as well.  Christian is the CEO & co-founder of hobbyDB, prior to that he worked for GE Capital, Bain & Company, was running a radio company, 10 toy related collector forums and the largest eBay Trading Assistant business in Europe.  Christian is keeping up today with new toys by his 7-year old and 6-year old daughter.

Our new site hobbyDB is opening up a whole new way for collectors of toys – or any other type of collectible – to keep track of what items they’ve got and the ones they want. Soon, they’ll also be able to use it to buy and sell too.

The site is designed to be a giant database, flexible enough to catalog any type of collectible item, old or new. It’s also flexibly-searchable to allow users to find exactly the sort of things they’re looking for, whether their interest is in a toy brand like Hot Wheels, a “real” manufacturer like Ford, items made in a particular country or almost anything else you can think of.

Users who sign up for an account – which is free – can add to the catalog themselves as it’s entirely user-generated and user-edited. They can also click the “I have this” button which appears on every catalog item page to add items to their collections. When doing this, users can add a photo of their own item and – if they wish to – fill in details about where they bought it, how much they paid for it, where it’s currently stored and more.

As all collectors know, keeping track of the items in your collection is one thing, but you also need to keep track of all the items you’re looking out to purchase. hobbyDB also lets users do this with a simple “I want this” button that similarly appears on all catalog item pages. Users can use this to add to their wishlist with just one click.

Launched to the public in November, the hobbyDB catalog contains some 45,000 catalog item entries, with more being added every day.  The site boosts an advisory board with now more than 50 members, authors of books, museum owners and 2 Guinness Book Record Holders.

As well as being a fun place to research, reminisce and manage collections, hobbyDB will also shortly become a thriving collectible marketplace. The hobbyDB team is about to start work on the site’s selling platform. Designed as a simple Amazon-style marketplace, users will be able to put items that are already in their collections up for sale with one click or list new items through the catalog by clicking the planned “Sell This” button. As a collector-focused site, run by collectors for collectors, the intention is to cater specially for this niche market in a way that other ecommerce sites haven’t been able to do thus far – and to remove the pain that hobbyists and collectors are increasingly coming to associate with eBay – still the most popular online destination for those looking to buy and sell in this area.

“We’re looking forward to giving collectors something that’s sorely lacking on the net right now,” said Andrew Adamides “It’s a whole collectible ecosystem that’s intended to take you from  researching and finding what you want, buying it, recording it and on to selling it if you ever grow tired of it! We want to make sure it’s the only site a collector ever really needs!”

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  1. Hi Richard, thanks for the great writeup! hobbyDB now has the first 70,000 catalog entries in place and we’ve actually just launched the marketplace functionality – so you can buy and sell now – and we had our first sales in the last week or so, which is a great start!

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