Psycho Mouse, Crazy Worm and Clone Zone; What We Can Learn From Roller Coaster Names

The combination of Spring and theme parks have gotten me to thinking about roller coaster names (see “Theme Parks and Your Brand; how you know you’ve arrived”).  I did some research and found a list of over 1100 roller coaster names.  What struck me was that  95% of them were not licensed.  How is it that roller coasters are immune to third party branding?  

Perhaps its because that industry seems to know how to put together just the right adjective with just the right noun.  For example,  I was surprised by how popular certain names were.  For example, the word “Mouse” showed up 34 times.  My favorite was PsychoMouse found at California’s Great America.  There was also Crazy Mouse, Dizzy Mouse, Mini Mouse (I wonder how they got away with that), Monster Mouse and Wacky Mouse.  Perhaps mice are more popular than we think.

There were 52 Dragon coasters.  There were too many variations to list here but I can tell you there were several Dragon Wagons.

Adjectives appear to be an important component.  Wild, Mad, Crazy, Big, Flying, Runaway, Screamin’ (or the more polite Screaming), Speedy, Steel, Super, Wild and Wacky occur frequently.  

Then there were names that simply defied explanation.  Here are a few of my favorites (for the full list visit

The Ant Farm Express (Uncle Milton do you know about this?)

Big Ohhhh!


Clone Zone

Crazy Worm

Hot Tamale

Judge Roy Scream

Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie (Nickelodeon do you know about this?)

Puff the Little Fire Dragon Lagoon (Peter, Paul and Mary do you know about this?)

Steel Hawg 


Roller Coasters are exciting to ride and their names are fun to say; a great combination.  It makes you wonder if we should all be rethinking how we come up with names for our products.  Here is an idea:
Make a random list of adjectives and a random list of nouns.  Then mix and match.  Let us know what you come up with.  

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