Abraham Lincoln Meets Pat the Bunny



It was news, at least to history buffs this week that Yale University had just purchased one of the world’s largest assemblage of Lincoln and Civil War photography.  The collection was purchased from the Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation, which began collecting Lincoln memorabilia in the 1890’s. 

I love history and as a result was enjoying TheThe New York Times article on the purchase when I came upon this paragraph:

Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt, Frederick’s daughter, worked closely with her father for years and made some key discoveries along the way. She found 600 volumes from Lincoln’s personal library in a used bookstore in Springfield and through a caretaker of Lincoln’s Springfield home she obtained his family scrapbooks. Dorothy [Kunhardt] was also a highly successful author of children’s books, including “Pat the Bunny.”

A smile lit my face as I thought about the sweetness of Pat the Bunny, The Telephone Book, Mrs. Ticklefeather and other works for children.  They cleverly applied a touch experience that made the story even more compelling.  Ms. Kunhardt also had a more serious side having written a respected book about the Lincoln assassination, Twenty Days.

How much fun to find such a surprising connection.  So, in the spirit of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, we should take note that , thanks to Dorothy, there was only one degree of separation between Pat the Bunny and our 16th President.


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