Leverage Kids & Family Events to Reach Your Marketing Goals Effectively!



In my earlier post Why We Think This Buying Strategy Will Boost Up Your Sales! I have highlighted the importance of organizing events for kids and families in order to interact with them at a deeper level, create positive chemistry and build loyal customer base.

Smurfs(Smurfs Show)

Marketers in the business of play understand the value of BTL activities and events as they are extremely effective ways for toy companies to reach kids, interact and engage with them, build loyalty and reinforce the brand’s name in kids’ minds. Dubai is a great example of an event-based city. Numerous events, festivals, activations are organized by the government itself, authorities, companies, communities, schools, club fans, and other groups in order to entertain both residents and tourists and keep the economy active. So with these plentiful events toy players have great opportunity to take part and engage with kids hands on. However, there is an important question here: how can we stay up to date with all whats going on and effectively choose the right events to reach our marketing goals?

Here are very important steps to answer the above question:
Step 1: Create an event calendar!
This is a very powerful tool used by marketers to compile the main relevant events taking place whether it’s organized by the company itself or by other parties targeting the same market (kids & families). 

Barbie(Barbie Event Set Up)

Barbie(Barbie Event)

Step 2: Do your homework & research events happening at your targeted areas
If we want to categorize the events taking place in Dubai as an example we will find that there are 5 main classifications:

Type of events

The idea

Examples (From Dubai)

Brand related events

Activities organized by the company itself to create awareness, encourage sales, engage with customers and build loyalty

Hamleys is a great example of a toy retailer which is very active in developing a very dynamic event calendar to drive continuous footfall to their stores

Events organized by partners/ suppliers/ stakeholders

This is similar to above point yet the organizer is a stakeholder

Hamleys sponsoring family event or show organized by Dubai Mall as an example

Cultural/Community Festivals & Events

Events organized by governmental bodies to entertain residents and attract tourists, therefore refreshing the economy by driving footfall and generating billions

Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises Modhesh World, The Light Festival, National Day

Religious Events

Celebrations related to various religious groups living in one country

Ramadan Holy Month, Eid 1 (one of the main selling periods), Eid 2, Easter, Christmas, Diwali

International Occasions

Worldwide events/ days/ occasions celebrated internationally

New Year
Chinese New Year
Valentines Days
Mothers Day
International Kids Day

Note: Some of these events are also known/ called as seasons. Christmas & New Year are the holiday seasons, Back to School season happens twice a year, summer and winter seasons, etc.

Kids Parade(UAE National Day In Mall Parade)

Kids Arts & Crafts(UAE National Day Celebrations)

Modesh--620x338(Modhesh World Celebrations)

Taking the above in mind, marketers usually use different research tools in order to compile all events taking place in a specific period of time. Below are some helpful sources to gather these info from:

  1. Online guides/event calendars (www.dubaicalendar.com)
  2. Magazines or guides (Whats On, Time Out Kids Magazine) nowadays most family magazines provide events calendar
  3. Agreeing with stakeholders to share their related events calendars (this include schools) in order to align activities together or even share resources to organize the same event, this can lead to sharing costs and leveraging partner’s assets/ resources that the company doesn’t have
  4. Checking tourism authorities websites to stay up to date with the latest events taking place, companies can also partner with tourism authorities and organize family events together
  5. Keeping a record  of all the events taking place at trade centers, main conference halls and theatres

Step 3: Choose the right events mix taking in consideration your own plans, goals and budget
You can align your events to be arranged during one the main country’s event or festival. For example the finals of a country level video game contest can take place during summer festival along with other partners in order to leverage the marketing budget allocated usually for this festival. Moreover, many toy retailers align their events to match a popular occasion or celebration like Eid 1 or back to school season.

Baraem(Baream Show)

Step 4: Execute events, analyze results and enhance your selection for your next events calendar
Prepare an event report after each activity to keep record of number of attendees, actual expenses, milestones achieved, sales record (if the event was linked to the purchase of product) and benefits received from your partners. Based on this info, you can analyze if the event’s results met your initial objectives, if the answer was yes, you can consider organizing the same event (or participating in the event if this was the case) next year, and this time you can even do it better learning from previous mistakes and finding new ways to wow your customers. 

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 12.24.13 AM(A Beyblade Fan Showing Off His Dancing Skills During A BeyBlade Event)

DSC_9856(BeyBlade Fans During BeyBlade Event)

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 1.53.34 AM(Kids Buying Beyblades On Spot To Participate In The Event)

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 1.53.48 AM(BeyBlade Middle East Championship Event)

Companies in the business of play who develop an events calendar can easily communicate their events to their customers ahead of time using various media channels in order to encourage customers to save the date and join the party (Social media is an extremely effective tool to spread the message across broad range of audiences, and companies can encourage their customers to join their events or pre-register by offering incentives like free giveaways/ branded t-shrit). Moreover, companies that are very active in events are usually in top of their customers’ minds and build themselves to become the brands of choice for the long term.


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  1. Thank you, Hala, for pointing out the importance of interacting with your consumers in person at fun events. We’ve long believed this to be important and founded the Chicago Toy & Game Fair after visiting Essen Fair and seeing the many families playing. Also the Cannes Festival is attended by families. Both of these events have been running for over 30 years with over 150,000 attendees! They are mostly games, we are both toys and games and are the largest non-hobby toy and game Fair open to the public in North America. There are also hundreds of bloggers and media just before Black Friday – so we are also very much a media event. We welcome all to join in the fun! http://www.chitagfair.com

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