The Apple Watch vs. the Mickey Mouse Watch; What About The Kids?



“Getting your first watch as a kid was a milestone because it meant something real: You had finally learned to tell time." 

Ellie Krupnick, “8 Reasons Watches Are Still Worth Wearing,” Huffington Post

Before the rise of digital time; one of the major life passages was learning to tell time.  I can still remember the big hand and the little hand and trying to figure out what was, when you think about it, a totally non-intuitive way to read the time.

One of the rewards for learning was to be given a watch.  Many a child (or at least their parents) felt the excitement of giving or receiving a Mickey Mouse or Cinderella watch.  In fact, a search on Google reveals that there is quite a collector market for “retired” Mickey Mouse watches. A Gold, Seiko Men’s Mickey Mouse watch is available for those with a strong sense of nostalgia and money for just under $4,000.

So, with the advent of smart watches from Apple, Pebble, Moto and LG a person in the watch, toy and / or licensing industry has to be thinking:  "Is this a way to resurrect the watch industry?  Can we “train” kids away from depending upon the smart phone in their pocket?  Can we renew the habit of looking to their wrist as the proper location for not just the time but for their adjunct brain?

Is there a Frozen, Sponge Bob or yes, Mickey Mouse, smart watch on the way?  Is it possibly the smartest way for Apple and the others to enter the marketplace? 

Analog watches were state of the art in their day.  Smart companies like Lorus, Timex and now M.Z. Berger made and make kids watches as a way of not only driving revenue but maintaining a line of consumers used to carrying time on their wrists.  Cell phones knocked that tradition on its head.  Maybe the smart watch is the way to get it back on track.

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