Toy Fair and the Face of the Toy Industry

Toy Fair is much more than a place to buy and sell.  Toy Fair is a mirror in which the entire industry and those who care about it get to see the face that is peering back.  That reflection is important as it tells us who and what we are.  Are we healthy or sick; cutting edge or yesterday; fresh or tired? 

A big part of how we see ourselves is dependent upon how the exhibition is laid out.  I do not envy Marian Bossard and her team in having to figure out how to make exhibitors happy while limiting the number of companies who feel exiled to the nether most parts of the Javits Center.

In order to bring order to what could be chaos; Toy Fair has rewarded the best positions to those who have exhibited the longest time.  It should not be changed as it is a fair approach and honors those companies who have created brands and products that continue to have relevance. 

The unintended consequence of this approach, however, is that those who enter the main hall see the history of the industry and not its future.  That is a problem that I will write about that in my next posting, "Toy Fair Is a Mirror."


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