Toy Fair; it’s a personal experience

Toy Fair 2015
Toy Fair is personal.  One person’s experience differs from that of  another depending upon a number of factors:  Personality (is you glass half full or half empty), booth location, product, packaging, experience and booth presentation all have an impact.

For example, veterans bring a history with them with which they measure the present by the past.  First timers have nothing to gauge the show by other than their expectations.  Extroverts may get more people into their booth while introverts may do a better job with ones who do come in.  A product's qualities, the way they are messaged to passers -by and their relevance to the current marketplace all have an impact.  Booth location is of course highly important.  Is the booth located in a highly trafficked area?  Is it near another exhibit that draws crowds? 

I spoke to a number of individuals and though their experiences differed; the general consensus was puzzlement over the apparent decline in traffic (particularly on Saturday) contradicted by the feeling each expressed that they had had a good show.  The paradox caused puzzlement but not worry. 

The other general consensus was that the show featured a far greater number of innovative products than in recent years.  That was very good news.

What I found interesting, however, were the people who seemed a bit bemused that those companies with the most innovative, new technology products were positioned on the show's periphery at the far north side of the building’s main floor.

How companies are positioned on an exhibit floor says something about an industry and a trade show.  I will share some thoughts on that in my next posting.    

One thought

  1. While not presenting, nor representing a brand this year, I got to walk the show several times as never before and with fresh eyes. Besides getting to catch up with old friends and colleagues, there was so much great product, energy and a buzz with mid-tier brands as they are getting courted by private equity dollars. It will be very interesting to watch over the next few years as PE floods into toy and game more deeply. Watch for some exciting partnerships between larger brands and up-and-comers… exciting times ahead.

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