25 Tips to Elevate Your Brand to The Next Level of Greatness




Brand elevation is a continuous improvement process, which leads to building great businesses. And while greatness can be achieved by adapting smart business strategies it can also be translated in simple yet savvy tactics that help companies utilize their available resources and move to their next level of greatness.

Listed below are 25 of these tips (a combo between strategies and tactics) that will elevate your brand and support you in achieving great business results:

  • Listen to your customers’ feedback and engage them in product development
  • Find your niche and be the champion of your field
  • Build your own set of kids and parents’ data base (especially in case you are not a retailer)
  • Explore the strength of SMS marketing on regular basis to keep your customers’ tuned
  • Try direct marketing, retail branding and cinema advertising
  • Get your window display at main retailers
  • Add value to your retailers, do not just place products on shelves, drive traffic to stores and get your products flying off shelves
  • Expand your product reach beyond toy specialty retailers to hypermarkets, department stores, petrol stations, etc
  • Use schools as a new sales and marketing channel
  • Do competitive analysis on regular basis, understand what are your competitors’ main competitive strategy, their marketing focus and how they reach and sell to kids
  • Stay up to date with the latest technological advances; integrate what is appropriate to your business in your processes, products and marketing campaigns
  • Keep an eye on the highest selling categories, product lines, top licenses and the latest trends in the industry to stay ahead of the game
  • Leverage innovation and offer wide range of products in multiple price points

  • Blend in the country’s culture and offer customized products accordingly
  • Boost your product lines with strong licensing partnerships
  • If your brand includes characters, then explore the power of meet & greet and arranging shows
  • Hire online bloggers to blog about your toys
  • Leverage the social media (facebook, youtube, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc), create a shareable content and interact with your customers
  • Share tips and added value knowledge to kids and parents through product packaging or online platforms
  • Create buzz and word of mouth around your brand through fun packed competitions, online engagement, product reviews and extravaganza events and roadshows
  • Invest in a store in Kidzania (if available in your country)
  • Be where kids are
  • Create a calendar of events to meet and entertain your customers regularly. Furthermore, sponsor family and kids related events and take place in community events
  • Have a social mission and contribute to a good cause
  • Hire brand ambassadors (influencers; kids or parents)

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