Just Like The Shopkins: Get Your Products Flying Off Shelves Through Powerful Marketing Messages!



I am a bit far away from being 5+ yrs old, however, I do love the Shopkins! Actually I get this happy sensation when looking and touching these bright, colorful, cute and adorable characters. 

After the success of Shopkins season 1, Moose has launched season 2 offering:

  1. 140+ Characters to collect, share and trade available in 2 pack, 5 pack and 12 pack under different categories (Bakery, Diary, Frozen Food, Fruit & Veg, Pantry, Party Food, Sweet Treats, Health & Beauty, Limited Edition)
  2. 4 Fun-filled creative play sets So Cool Fridge, Fruit & Veg Stand, Spin Mix Bakery Stand & Small Mart
  3. Accessories

The story behind the Shopkins is very catchy for girls creating a unique emotional bond between them and the brand, as each of the adorable characters carries a cute name, favorite hobby, description, Shopkins BFF and a place to hang out. 

As an example: The above Character name: Ice Cream Dream. Favorite hobby: Chilling out alone in her cone. Description: A little bit drippy but never loses her cool. "I’m always cool, cone and collected". Shopkins BFF: Ice Cream Dream & Waffle Sue. Place to hang out: Sweet Treats. Isn’t that lovely? (Being very health oriented my favorite character for now is Dippy Avocado!). Moreover, girls can watch Shopkins episodes to deeper connect with their cute brand.

So what’s our main takeaway? We all know that success doesn’t happen by coincidence or luck; it takes hard, creative and consistent work to elevate a brand and WOW customers. And Shopkins has been doing it beautifully managing to WOW girls while becoming a very fast selling item flying off the shelf and sometimes running out of stock! Personally I have witnessed Shopkins stock moving very fast at one of the main Hamleys branches (The Dubai Mall). And if you asked any of their merchandisers they will just confirm the above point.


Multiple elements contributed to this success & have made the brand stand out among others at the retail scene:

1. The innovative concept of grocery store themed characters enriched with creative play sets

2. The bright funky characters designs

3. The great play value and imaginative play role encouraged when playing with the Shopkins

And besides the entertainment it offers, Shopkins provides a fun filled educational experience via educating girls cheerfully about grocery, veggies and fruits, frozen food, party food, desserts, homewares, cleaning and laundry, baby stuff and much more.

In addition to all the above elements contributing to the success of Shopkins, we believe that the master power of this brand and the main driving force behind its fast moving nature lies merely in the use of Powerful Marketing Messages. Moose has used certain subliminal marketing buzzwords I call them “Sales Boosters” to boost Shopkins’ sales, these buzzwords look simple yet they are extremely effective in creating a new purchase decision on a regular basis. Here are some of these Powerful Messages used in their marketing collaterals and on product packaging to encourage product sales:

  1. Shopkins Slogans: And once you shop you can’t stop
  2. Over 140+ to collect
  3. Find the Limited Edition Shopkins
  4. 2 Hidden Shopkins
  5. 2 Exclusive Shopkins
  6. We (The Shopkins) come in sizes; Cute & Extra Cute
  7. 6 Mini Shopkins
  8. Most wanted Shopkins

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 12.53.32 PM

With such sweet yet energetic well-worded messages, girls now have strong reasons to buy more and more Shopkins in order to have their set complete. Hence, with this powerful messaging strategy the brand has become very fast moving achieving higher sales figures and running out of stock rapidly (Hard and creative work pays off!). It’s worthwhile mentioning that this effective marketing strategy can be applied in various categories and not only limited to collectables, as the use of phrases like “Exclusive, Limited Edition, Hidden Characters, Surprise and Top Sellers” plus including a complete product guide showing the whole set builds up excitement and creates an urge to buy more of the brand’s offerings. 

Shopkins has been a great example of a product combing multiple successful factors to maximize sales and leverage its brand’s value. To sum these elements for you to help you achieve great results with your brand we are going to focus on 4 main points; a unique concept, vibrant and bright designs, a great play value igniting girls’ imagination and “Powerful Marketing Messages” to encourage fast sales. 

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