The Labor Market and the Toy Industry; How to Make the More Out of Less


Susan Williams %281%29Susan Williams is the Director of CareerNsight  for North Carolina based "The Resource,"  a company that uses cutting edge technology to place employees with jobs and in companies that are a solid fit.   Her insights are highly relevant to a rapidly changing and challenging labor market.

The shrinking labor market is impacting every industry.  As the baby boomers are aging out of the workforce all organizations are struggling to find people who are able to take their company to the next level.

The toy industry is not immune. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could manufacture people who were skilled to perform the tasks we need and simply stock the shelves with them like we do with   Barbie, Anna and Darth Vader?  Unfortunately we can’t manufacture people to do the work our market demands.

As all industries are facing the shrinking labor market and more people are disengaged in their work, it is all the more important to determine how to align an individual with a career, as well as how to do more with less.

In an effort to effectively respond to the challenges our own company has faced and that of our clients we sought out a way to hire differently.

After much research we found Lynn Taylor, creator of the Core Values Index, and the Top Performer Profile. The Taylor Protocols System, enables companies to identify how to find the right person for the right job. The underlying premise is this, when you know how someone is “hard wired” you can understand their natural tendencies and energies that drive them daily and align them with work that will result in their highest and best contribution. When people’s energies are aligned with their work, they far out produce those who are not, allowing companies to hire fewer people who can do more work. 

The Resource has used the Top Performer Profile internally, and have dramatically changed the makeup of our own company and have successfully implemented the system for our customers.

Our customers have been able to narrow their pool of candidates, to those that not only fit the background and experience they require, they now have the ability to have the predictive knowledge that their candidates  are likely to succeed and out produce candidates whose energies don’t match the job .

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