Creative Factor 2015; An interview with Host Brett Klisch

Brett_Klisch_headshot_bWBrett Klisch, the inspiration behind and the host of the Creative Factor at Toy Fair is excited about putting on his 11th event.  An inventor and designer himself, I decided to ask Brett some questions about this year’s Creative Factor.    


Richard:          I guess the most basic question is:  What is the Creative Factor?

Brett:               The Creative Factor is a drop-in learning center geared towards the creative folks in the toy industry: Designers, inventors and entrepreneurs. We host networking events, classes, panel sessions, art/tech demos, and offsite tours of creative companies.  Topics will range from 3D printing, patent law, licensing your invention, sourcing in Asia, product design and development; with new events getting added every week…

Richard:           Who Should Attend and Why?

Brett:                Anyone who is in the design and creative part of the toy business or new entrepreneurs just “getting their feet wet” can gain new information from one of our many sessions.  All of our events are free to badge holding attendees.  Whether you are new to the industry or just want to stay up to date on new developments in product design, development, sourcing as well as patent and trademarks –we have the information you need!

Richard:           What’s new and exciting about This Year’s Creative Factor?

This year we are gearing everything to what information is poignant for 2015.  We have seen a rise in crowdfunding, hence the Kickstarter panel. The White house has changed the Patent laws drastically, so it is extremely important for new inventors to get all the updated info we can provide.

We are having our first class trip this year!  Attendees can meet to go on a tour of the headquarters only a few blocks away.  Those who attend will have a chance to see how this groundbreaking company is developing new inventors’ product at a pace that has never been seen before. Attendees will meet at the bottom of the escalator leading to hall 1A on Monday morning. Time TBD.

The Creative Factor is hosting its 1st ever screening of the documentary “I am Big Bird, the Caroll Spinney story.”  This amazing documentary chronicles the life of Caroll Spinney, who brought Sesame Street’s Big Bird to life and still at the age of 82, puts on the costume and gives life to this enduring and beloved character. The Toy industry Association will be holding a reception before the event at the theater in Times Square. Attendees will be able to meet Caroll at the reception as well as participate in a Q&A after the show.  Please email to inquire about tickets.


Trailer for "I Am Big Bird, the Caroll Spinney Story"

On Sunday morning, the Toy Industry Association is hosting a Designer/Inventor Networking Breakfast. This is open to all attendees of the show. If you are a manufacturer and are looking for some new talent, come by and have a bite to eat while chatting it up with industry creatives and designers. If you are a new inventor looking to expand your contacts with other people in the industry, feel free to come by. This will be held at the class space at booth 4878.

Richard:          What are some of the Things People will See and Hear?


Brett:                In our demos by toy designers, they will get to see the process that a new toy idea goes through from demonstrations given by 3D modelers on the newest tech for designing your product on the computer, to getting hands on experience from FormLabs 3D, one of the top most cost effective 3D printers on the market.

Inventors have their own invention track this year.  We start with classes on how to file your patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) new free Pro Se patent filing program. We also have a class with Warren Tuttle from the United Inventors Association of America on how to take your idea and then prepare it and yourself to be ready for licensing your product to a manufacturer. We will have Mary Couzin from CHITAG take you through the process of meeting with the Inventor relations people at toy companies so as an inventor you are prepared to not only pitch your product, but wow their audience.

We have classes for new entrepreneurs on how to utilize new business tools they have access to in 2015.  We will have a panel with companies that were funded on Kickstarter. They will be sharing their experiences on what it takes to make a successful campaign.  And for those who successfully raise their own funding, we will have Charles Berzon of Pro Source Global giving a class on how to safely navigate sourcing the manufacturing of your product in Asia.

Richard:           What are the Hours, Location, Etc?

Brett:                All of the classes will be held in an on floor classroom in Booth 4878 which is in the rear left of Hall 1.   The demonstrations will be at the bottom of the escalator lobby’s going down to Hall 1.  Eric Nocella – Klim Kozinevich will be at the entrance to Hall 1C.  Peter Kelley – Form Labs 3D will be at the entrance to Hall 1B. will be at the entrance to Hall 1A.

Richard:           See you at Toy Fair and see you at the Creative Factor


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