Three Quarters of a Million Views and Still Growing; Global Toy News hits a milestone


Cover from November 2013

Global Toy News has attracted over 750,000 page views since its inception in April of 2010.  That is thanks to a group of insightful writers (Bruce Lund, Mary Couzin, Kim Vandebroucke and Chris Bensch have been with us since the beginning) and highly intelligent readers who together create a place where new and sometimes challenging ideas can be launched and debated.  The toy industry, our readership base, is not a particularly large community yet we draw readers from all over the world.  In fact, Google Analytics tells us that our readers come from 204 countries. 

Global Toy News is not the place to visit if you want to know about the latest toy or fad.  We are, however, a place you will want to visit if you like to challenge your way of thinking about play and the business of play.  In our archives you can find articles that ponder the relationship between play and art, socio economics; geopolitics, technology, gender and so much more. 

Here is a list of some of the most read and enduring postings since the beginning.


Consumer 3D Printing; manufacturing’s big bang?

The Toy Industry is Dead; long live the play industry

Playing the Gender Game; how gender roles impact toys and games



Pixels and Lego; is there a connection?

Toys R Us and the Adult Toy Collector

Mattel Buying Mega Brands; what it means for the Play Industry



Jerry Storch; the interview

Toys 'R' Us and Neil Friedman; what it really meant

John Barbour; a conversation with the CEO of Leapfrog



Ugly Boxes Kill Good Games; why packaging matters

Manufacturing Your Products in the USA; Hasbro steps up with domestic contract manufacturing

Important New Law Helps Startups Raise Capital More Easily



Top 10 Famous Bears

The Greatest Fictional Robots of All Time; Terminator, AWSOM-O and more

Toy Fair 1961; Mr. Machine plus death by cannon shot

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  1. BIG Congrats on your fabulous success! The description your have written about Global Toys News is just so perfect and as readers we truly live this experience when reading your thoughts along with all other writers’ thoughts. So big thank you for your great efforts!
    P.S. Cant wait to read the articles I missed from the above list.

  2. Congrats from a fan for your energy and enthusiasm for play and for toys always with cheer and with the right word – looking forward to the one million milestone. Thanks, Marjorie

  3. Congratulations on your spectacular growth as one of the essentials of the Toy Industry. Thanks for what you do to keep the inspiration alive in Toyland
    Be forever

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