Win Your Customers’ Hearts Through the “Parents – Child Bonding” Area at Toy Retailers.


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I liked the powerful thought shared by Robin Sharma in his book “Be Extraordinary; The Greatness Guide” about Business and Love, he beautifully states: “The main competition is not for share of wallet. No. It’s for share of your customers’ hearts!” 

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Can’t agree any further with this brilliant thinker, because yes people buy with their emotions. They choose a brand because it makes them feel better, happier, cooler and maybe even more relaxed. This how loyalty is built and businesses successfully keep winning.

The Idea: 

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Connecting this very essential marketing element “Emotional Engagement” with toys, parents & kids, an idea crossed my mind.  I imagined entering a toy store and heading to a featured area allocated especially for “Parents – Child Bonding”. This space suggests to parents different products/ brands to connect with their kids using tools of play for different age groups and can also include on site activities and demonstrations in addition to booklets explaining the importance of playing for kids and how to use it to develop deeper relations and understanding between children and parents. Thus, in addition to all the organized segments in terms of age groups, gender, product types whether it’s action figures, dolls, outdoors, arts and crafts, etc. which usually ease the shopping experience, a new added value space is initiated for a great cause. For this initiative to work effectively, toy retailers can support it with in store events and competitions requesting both kids and parents to play together in order to participate and have the chance to win.  Crayola competition can be an option or even a BeyBlade event. The point is, a father might not think that he can connect with his son through the spinning tops (BeyBlades), and here comes the toy retailer’s role in making this idea click in a father’s mind.


Standing Out From The Competition:

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Think as a customer, won’t you appreciate a brand going the extra mile to enhance your life? Won’t you feel the love flowing when you know they have thought on your behalf on how to solve a topic you had in mind before even highlighting it? Won’t it be memorable to know that the brand cares for you personally and not just concerned about the purchase? Well, let me tell you top-notch brands play at that level! And an added value makes a huge difference for both businesses and customers because it goes beyond traditional offering to creative and caring offering.


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Whether you own a toy brand or a retailer, the idea can still be implemented. A toy brand can take the lead and position itself  differently through its marketing messages at store level and other marketing channels to highlight the "Parents – Child Bonding" factor in its offerings, or as a toy retailer you can execute the thought in collaboration with multiple brands, as a result you provide an additional benefit to your customers.  And the fact that a toy retailer or a toy brand expanded the play value to involve a social benefit that’s a clear message from the brand saying: “We Are Different, We Do Care”. So, add value, make a difference, stand out and win your customers' hearts!

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