Top 10 “Global Toy News” Articles of 2014

In case you missed them, here is a list of the most popular postings on Global Toy News in 2014. First let me give congratulations to Kim Vandenbroucke for having the number 1 most read article, Bruce Lund who had number 7 and Hala Al Duwik who had number 9.

Here they are ranked in order of reader volume:

1.    The Sad Side Effects of Gender Based Marketing    –  Kim Vandenbroucke

2.    Mattel Buying Mega Brands; what it means for the play industry  -  Richard Gottlieb

3.    Doc McStuffins; toys, race and The New York Times  -  Richard Gottlieb

4.    Doozers, Fraggles and the vital connection between creation and destruction – Richard Gottlieb

5.    Is Wal-Mart Getting in the 3D Printer Business  -  Richard Gottlieb

6.    5 Reasons Why I Think Hasbro Wanted to Buy Dreamworks  -  Richard Gottlieb

7.    My Two Cents; "Toys are not auto parts Toys R Us"  -  Bruce Lund

8.    Is Wal-Mart Having Troubles?  A clue in the dairy department  -  Richard Gottlieb

9.   Lego Strategies for Becoming the Number 1 Toy Company in the World  -  Hala Al Duwik

10. Is the Fall Toy Preview in Trouble?  -  Richard Gottlieb

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