Reach Kids Through an Integrated Marketing Communication!



Toys and kids marketers are usually involved in various marketing aspects, starting from identifying target market, allocating a need or an opportunity to leverage, participating in product development, pricing, product placement, communicating the right messages, building relationships and loyal customer base, developing a sustainable brand and working continuously to improve the brands’ offerings.

In this article I would like to focus on the communication aspect of marketing while spotting the light on a successful promotional strategy that will not only encourage sales at retail level but will also build the brand’s name and support its vision to build a loyal customer base. So you will mainly get 3 in 1 and achieve the following benefits: 1) Generate favorable sales results 2) Build a reputable brand name 3) Develop a loyal customer base, thus business is successfully on track!

This simple strategy is demonstrated in an easy manner in the graph below and it merely resides in being where kids are through the application of Through The Line approach which is the use of both Above The Line and Below The Line tools to fully utilize your marketing potential, deliver the finest results and achieve the maximum communication impact. (This while taking in consideration that all other marketing mix elements such as product features, benefits and advantages, product pricing and product placement are on the right track as well).

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 7.40.47 PM

From the above elements, a marketer’s role is to identify how to reach kids using the right mix and the right channels in the right phases. Usually in marketing we say follow your target market, and the same applies with kids, if you want to reach them then follow them, be where they are or appear where they are interested in whether it is in schools, on kids channels, at family entertainment destination, in communities, in kids magazines, on happy meals, via social media, on school buses or on an early morning radio programs while they are being driven to schools, the main idea that the channel used needs to be relevant to the target market “kids and families”. And while some brands do have the financial resources to implement a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign others do not, in such situation, it is the marketing decision to decide on its current priorities and overcome the challenge by creatively using the available resources and utilizing technological options in hand to create the right buzz and generate desirable sales till another new option is attainable at a later stage.

In both cases and since the cost of marketing activities might be high, measuring campaign effectiveness in terms of sales generated after a promotional campaign is a must, as the achieved results will strongly influence the chosen elements for the next campaign to further create an improved impact.

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