Kidzania; The Place For Businesses to Build Brand Recognition and Loyalty with Kids!


KidZania hi

Kidzania the global interactive award winning indoor theme park where kids learn, get inspired and feel empowered through real life role – playing activities! At this novel edutainment park, kids can take on jobs like nurses, teachers, pilots, artists, chefs, surgeons, radio presenters, fire fighters, engineers, police officers, race car drivers, TV cameramen, fashion models and much more! Living like grown ups, kids can drive cars, earn money (kidzos) and spend money on food and petrol. 


Business activities in the park are sponsored by real world brands who offer the same or relevant services to customers, as an example the airport and aircrafts in Kidzania Dubai are sponsored by Emirates Airlines, the main bank is sponsored by HSBC, bottling plant is sponsored by Coca-Cola, while packages delivery is sponsored by TNT and the list continues to include 60 well known establishments such as McDonalds, Chevrolet, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Dubai Police, Hamleys and others.


Despite that the investment in such is relatively high, yet it’s considered to be both prestigious and beneficial for the business at the same time!

Below we outline some of the benefits gained from a strategic partnership with strong name in the theme park industry:

1. An effective marketing channel to reach large number of kids. Due to the popularity of the concept, Kidzania welcomes hundreds of kids on daily basis who come to indulge in this ultimate entertaining experience for very long hours (kids spend between 5 to 10 hours at Kidzania!).

2. A smart investment in a constantly busy retail environment. Kidzania recognizes the importance of targeting various segments to keep its premises busy all the weeklong. Hence, school trips are scheduled on regular basis during the week for students to come, learn and have fun throughout the day, thanks to the unique educational element the concept offers! Furthermore, added value promotions on weekday passes are arranged frequently to encourage parents to bring their kids after studying hours.

3. A unique tool to build brand recognition and loyalty. In such an environment kids are not customers anymore, they are brand builders, partners and ambassadors! They are now part of the team providing the service they usually enjoy to other kids who are playing the customers’ role in the role – play. This is a very intelligent way to reinforce the brand’s name in kids’ minds; it’s a strong form of relationship marketing and a captivating interactive brand experience, incomparable by other entertainment facilities.

4. A prestigious partnership opportunity with a strong name in the kids edutainment industry supporting businesses to stand out from the competition and to present their brands as market leaders in their industries.

5. An increased marketing support tool to the business. In addition to offering one of the world’s best customer engagement and experiential marketing platforms, Kidzania provides sponsors with marketing support like: space to do events (retailers in Dubai can relate to the high space rental rates in well known crowded malls/ locations in Dubai, thus, free space in Kidzania is a great added value to the deal), free tickets, sampling opportunities and many other benefits to support promoting sales! 

While various marketing strategies have been effective in reaching kids and generating sales, we believe that a strategic partnership decision with Kidzania will take your marketing style to a whole new level, boost your brand recognition and support your company in reaching its vision! As a huge fan of this concept on both a personal and professional level I shall admit that Kidzania is the only place that made me wish I was a kid again!


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  1. This sounds so cool Hala. would love to visit sometime.
    I’m an animator in the LA area. Is Disney involved Introducing Kids to
    life at an animation studio. They should be.
    You go girl!

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