Consider These 3 Elements to Provide a Brilliant Evergreen Toy!



My passion for toys has always resided in the invisible connection I have with kids when they play with a toy I have been involved in. Just the thought that the toy has made them smile, laugh, feel happy, inspired, connected them to a bigger vision or a dream, supported them in socializing with the world around them, developed their motor, emotional & social skills and sparked their imagination makes me extremely satisfied and further motivated to offer a better toy!

As much as working in the toy industry sounds fun I believe toy players carry a great responsibility towards their customers! The fact that we are servicing kids who are the next generation is a very powerful fact to always consider while developing products and communicating to them.

 This brings me to an important question we need to ask to ourselves, what are we exactly providing to the next generation who will grow to lead and live on this planet? Are we just providing ultimate fun? Or we are also providing values, education, lessons learnt, inspiring stories, and tools to develop and shape kids’ minds, skills, and personalities in the best means. 

While books can feed kids’ brains, toys have the potential to be as much powerful as a book, especially that with toys kids play, move, interact with others, get stimulated on how to use the same toy in various ways, they think how to win, how to build, and sometimes how to generate money, nevertheless the best and most exciting fact amongst all the above points is that kids play without external forces asking them to do so! They just love to play, because they believe it’s neither a homework to be done nor a lesson to be learnt when in reality it is learning just using different tools!

Nowadays in the toy market we will find various categories serving various needs, some toys are made purely for fun, others are made and sold for no reason, categories like educational toys are made to provide knowledge and some other brands are just so successful that they manage to blend the fun, the values and a fabulous story line all in one go providing a brilliant evergreen product!

I think if we want to succeed, win, last in a competitive market place, create a difference and stay ahead of the game its advisable to blend these 3 elements:

  1. Fun
  2. Inspiring story line
  3. A great undeniable added value to a kid’s life!

This might require more innovation, creativity, thinking and research yet at the end hard work always pays off and wins!  So let’s play at our best, think like the best and be the best partner for kids! Lets strive to let the brand story travel among the coming generations, the brand values to become kids’ values and the shared fun to be remembered forever!

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  1. Nice insight Hala. Let evolution and disruptive innovation continue. As an example, SNAPO improves the traditional “construction brick” with SNAP connection features on all sides that also allow SLIDE and ROTATE movement. The fun continues by giving kids expanded creative possibilities along with optimal EDUCATIONAL and PLAY value.

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