Toy Tech: Photoshop CC OpenCL




Photoshop CC has some pretty impressive upgrades but what makes this really noteworthy is the new OpenCL engine under the hood. This feature goes beyond adding a new paint job, by steering the internal computation speeds to the fast lane.

For those who have upgraded to the Adobe CC suite, you now have a significant performance boost with memory intensive tasks such as applying filters, 3D rendering and layer composites, by using the OpenCL built into the software architecture.

To make sure Adobe CC is driven at full throttle on your computer, go to Photoshop Preferences/Performance/Advanced and select—Use OpenCL. This should already be preset on your system but some users have found they need to manually turn it on.

Once it’s on, your working speeds will feel like your favorite IT person just added some RAM memory to your computer—it’s that good. This is crucial to creating digital ideation sketches, engineering drawings, packaging materials and other such memory intensive tasks. If this setting is grayed out on your system, you will need to make some upgrades in either software or quite possibly hardware as well.

With this in mind, the modern designer is getting pressed on all sides having to stay knowledgeable regarding the increased level of updating for cloud based programs, along with staying current with the ever evolving high end communication tools including Microsoft Outlook, which are now the undeniable standard in our industry.

So, not only has the information highway given us faster digital design tools to drive our daily tasks and make our creative visions come to life, but also continues to pile up more upgrades to go along with it. This raises the standard for employers and employees alike to stay activated and fully engaged.

The innovation of OpenCL alone will force the employer to keep their software and hardware up to date with an estimated three-year life cycle, while hoping their employees have been keeping up with the latest programming innovations.

The proactive person will stay one step ahead of the game, while the reactive person will respond to yesterday’s news without fully leveraging it’s true potential. Both personalities will inevitably define the respective companies they work for.

In this highly competitive global marketplace, simply doing just enough to get by isn’t a viable option anymore.

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