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During the last few years the toy industry has witnessed various trends, which strongly influenced toy players’ investments whether in product development or buying decisions. One of the rising trends has been FULL STEAM AHEAD! STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math. It’s a category of toys that combines fun and educational element while encouraging kids’ interests in these subjects in an entertaining and engaging way.

Some successful examples of STEAM Toys are 1) Goldiblox Kits, whose storylines challenge girls to engineer devices to solve a problem 2) ThinkFun's Robot Turtles Game, which turns basic programming into a fun game 3) PowerUp ® 2.0 – Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, which comes with templates for kids to fold their own paper airplane and to experiment different folds and explore which fold is best for flights. 


Taking a decision to invest in this new arising category has fabulous benefits yet it also carries a lot of opportunity cost! Thus to receive the maximum gains from this trend while yielding the highest ROI on any incurred expense we want to spot the light on a brilliant sales channel that many toy players have not really embrace nor fully generated money from! And the magic word again is “SCHOOLS!”

While in my previous post we have highlighted schools as an effective marketing channel to reach huge number of kids in a very focused environment and build an unbeatable relationship with them, this time we are featuring SCHOOLS as a very powerful sales channel to fully explore and increase toy companies’ market share and revenues! Here are the main reasons behind our logic:

  • The need for schools to deliver knowledge in a fun and engaging way!
  • The huge number of schools available in cities and countries making it a considerable segment to serve.
  • The sustainability of this channel, which will result in repeated purchases.
  • The ability to cater to multiple categories of age groups & topics therefore generating more sales.
  • The opportunity to sell customized products for two different genders.
  • The right channel to assure your product reaches the hands of kids through listing your STEAM Toys in schools curriculum.
  • The easiness of getting an entry ticket to schools through these educational toys and building strong connections with both schools and parents for future marketing plans and events!
  • The gift of enjoying free word of mouth marketing on your brand amongst the educational staff, associations, ministries, parents and kids!
  • The benefits of positioning your company’s name as a positive contributor to the society, which will ultimately help you stand out from the competition.
  • Finally, we believe it’s a clever way to market & sell your brand to families while receiving parents’ blessings! 

One of the successful examples of a toy that’s now listed in schools curriculum is PowerUp ® 2.0 – Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, which is used by teachers to teach kids about the aerodynamics and principles of flying! As a sales strategy that has such strong impact on the business we encourage you to take an action now to fully explore it and take your revenues to a whole new level!



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  1. Hello Leslie, this is a common problem in some places, however you might want to think of expanding your reach to new markets who are more open to such an idea and have already implemented using STEAM toys in their curriculum or create value pack for schools with limited budgets.
    You can also leverage other segments like kids clubs, camps & entertainment destinations who are interested in providing similar activities. Best wishes!

  2. You are most welcome Myrna, usually schools are either approached directly by the company’s team or via an agency which already has connections with network of schools, this is based on the resources you have. Furthermore, in some regions it depends on the type of schools whether they are private or public, because private schools have more freedom in decision making + more budget while public schools might need to get back to a higher authority and have restrictions on their expenditures. You need to check out how it works in your region. Best wishes!

  3. A retired teacher with over 30 years in the classroom and forty years tinkering with magic- seeks contacts to develop his ideas into productive STEAM teaching tools….I think Magic and Puzzles are a great direction for schools. I am working on a line of new magical puzzles and illusions that kids will love and learn with. Magic Moments with Class- because every teacher needs “a bag of tricks”!

  4. Problem is there is little free money and lots of bureaucracy. Districts have set their budget and with now strict curriculum and Common Core, teachers have less freedom. Difficult to get in as an outsider.
    While receiving positive interest for ElemMates element characters games, website, curricula, I’m finding resistance to implement it.

  5. Hala, Thanks so much for this very motivating article! The SCHOOLS STEM and STEAM channel is a perfect direction for our arty/science Morph-O-Scopes Kits (26 top toy awards!) Will you be writing a follow-up piece on how small companies can get a foot in these doors?

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