Create an Unbeatable Relationship With Kids by Adopting this “Always In Style” Marketing Strategy!



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In a highly competitive era kids are constantly exposed to advertising messages whether through TV channels, online social platforms, retail marketing or even via pear pressure. On annual basis hundreds of new products and ideas are beautifully designed to attract kids attention, having them nagging on their parents to get them that latest fancy product into their hands!

As a marketer I can't deny that applying both above the line and below the line strategies is an excellent combo, yet I believe by adding the coming strategy we are going to share with you to your comprehensive promotional mix you will definitely double your marketing influence, create an unbeatable bond between your brand and kids, originate a fabulous buzz among children and parents, strongly reinforce your brand's name in the market & surely position your brand at a different level amongst your rivals!

To reach all the above goals, this effective strategy should be applied properly with the right product, message and overall marketing mix. Still guessing what the secret word is? It's School Road Shows

As much as advertising messages may sound fancy, fuzzy & persuasive nothing beats the pleasure of touching, feeling and experiencing a new toy with one's own hands while sharing the entertainment with friends! And that's exactly what road shows usually offer! The beauty of school road shows resides in the below:

1. A definite way to reach your target market, no questioning whether the message was delivered or not.

2. A great experience to entertain more than one sense leveraging on the touch element & to demonstrate the play value your toy is offering.

3. A focused environment for kids lacking the constant distractions taking place at retail level or even on TV, and just highlighting one message; YOUR brand message.

4. A creation of a strong personal bond between your brand and kids, it's no longer a one-way communication stream, but rather a give and take interaction. Moreover lets admit it personal attention always sells!

5. An instant feedback advantage on your toy, your message and the tools you have used, thus giving your marketing team the opportunity to adjust what's possible for their next visit to others schools.

6. An effective tool for data base gathering to easily reach kids in future and for handing out physical marketing collaterals (communicating future events, product releases and latest news) and for offering giveaways to huge number of kids in a short spam of time, which can remind them always of your brand! How better can it get!

It's also important to highlight the fact that entering to schools requires prior admission either from Ministry of Education itself or the school management. Furthermore, in case your toy does not carry an educational element and is all about pure fun, it's advisable to associate it with a learning topic or a skill or even a social message that can benefit students' lives as this might be a requirement in some cases. Now since you have got an idea about the benefits of this strategy, press the play button, brand your van, develop a fun packed program, schedule your school visits and let the fun begin!

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