Why We Think This Buying Strategy Will Boost Up Your Sales!




Buyers’ choice on how to spend their budgets depends usually on multiple factors such as; popularity of a toy, customers’ demand, favorable margins, promising marketing efforts and forecasted sales, product exclusivity and others. All those elements have led popular toy stores to give great shelf space and product allocation to strong brands such as WWE, Trash Pack, Lego, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Disney, Fisher Price & Leapfrog, etc. While such criteria has proven it self to be successful, we also think that choosing a toy which lends itself to events can join the group and boost up your sales!

Here are 5 main benefits you gain when considering this option:

  1. Direct boost in sales; if the participation terms & conditions require kids to purchase the toy (which is advisable clause), then the marketing efforts made will directly result in higher sales on the same day of the event!
  2. Data base gathering; usually participants fill in their information to join an activity or a competition, this gives marketers a chance to stay in touch with kids and parents and keep them tuned with all their news directly through an sms or an email.  And as a long term strategy this contributes to decreasing marketing spend on reaching customers.

  • Creating positive chemistry between kids, parents and the brand; event is one of the strongest methods to reach and interact with end consumers and deliver a satisfying and fulfilling experience to them.
  • Building loyal customer base; through creating an events schedule and sharing it with kids, a brand will build a strong relation & regular interaction with kids which if managed properly will lead to building a loyal customer base and even brand ambassadors who will serve as your junior marketers among their friends and community!
  • Strengthens both retailers & distributors' position in the market; smart players realize that they have to do extra efforts to stand out in a competitive market place. Events support this objective and lead to distinguishing a retailer & distributor's position among other competitors! Which will ultimately lead to making more business!
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