The Movie Wars; DC vs. Marvel



Marvel and DC have no plans to stop making movies; at least until 2020.  Both companies announced thier movie lineups through 2020 last week so let's take a closer look at what this might mean for those who plan to manufacture and sell products based upon these properties.

Here is a list I put together showing both company's releases by month and year.  My comments in my next posting.

Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron May-15
Marvel Ant-Man Jul-15


Fantastic Four Aug-15
Marvel Dead Pool

DC Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Mar-16
Marvel Captain America 3: Civil War  May-16
Marvel X-Men; Apocalypse May-16
Marvel Doctor Strange  Nov-16
Marvel Sinister 6 Nov-16
DC Suicide Squad Aug-16
Marvel The Worlverine Mar-17
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 2  May-17
DC Wonder Woman Jun-17
Marvel Fantastic Four 2 Jul-17
Marvel Thor 3: Ragnarok  Jul-17
Marvel Black Panther  Nov-16
DC Justice League Nov-17
Marvel Amazing Spiderman 3 TBD – 2018
DC The Flash Mar-18
DC Aquaman Jul-18
Marvel Captain Marvel  Jul-18
Marvel Inhumans  Nov-18
Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Part One  May-18
DC Shazam Apr-19
Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Part Two May-19
DC Justice League Part 2 Jun-19
DC Cyborg Apr-20
DC Green Lantern


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