The 26th Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair Part 3 – The Chinese Tickle me Elmo – The Alilo Big Bunnies

If you ask me which is the recent hit toy item in China, it is challenging to find out from Chinese toy magazines or internet as it has not been a practice for Chinese Toy companies to announce sales performance on certain items.  But there is another way to observe – to see how serious the item has been knocked off.

And so obviously, this year toy super star in China goes to "Huǒ Huǒ Tù" (means Flaming Bunnies)- The Big Bunnies, by Alilo



The Flaming Bunnies is a line of story telling Teddy Roxbin like doll with cute syling, plastic body as well as hugh memory storage to play learning contents such as story telling, language learning, songs, musics, even teaching basic manners. With light up ears, LCD display, remote controller, & a lovely carry-around hand bag.

The original manufacturer was Alilo, but you will get lost from the hundreds of knock outs at toy story as well as at this toy fair.


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Also there were city legends & facts about this Big Bunnies were all over the local industry. I would like share a few : 

1, (at early year) Alilo make millions & millions of profit with just 1 item.

2, factory did not needware house for finished products. There were lorries waiting at factory once they have been packed, and will pick up and send to retailers right away.

3, At its early year, 1 moderate sized factory has been 100% occupied making just this 1 item for 1 years.



Apart from the legends, one of my friends shared a personal shopping experience which provide a solid proof how this item was still on great demand.


Flaming Bunny image1

At one popular Shanghai toy store, my friend saw the real Falming Bunny (in red skirt). Funny enough when he approached the shelve & tried to take a look of the legend, a sales lady cut in & keep selling the knock off version (in yellow skirt) & mentioned that the pink skirt bunny was just a display & it was not for sale.

Like some desperate parents broke car window to get a Tickle me Elmo at Christmas season more than a decade ago, The "Huǒ Huǒ Tù" is for sure with some stories o tell too.


official sie of Alilo Big Bunny

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