Creativities From The Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution


Hong Kong people have been in great emotional challenges these days.  Ever since the first date on the 28th September, we have been receiving news in a daily basis about major roads were blocked, protesters being resisted by smoke grenades, pepper spray, gangsters & opposition groups' bully (allegedly employed by unknown political forces), civilians supporting different political opinions started to dislike each other & have their non-stop Face Book battles, rumors about our Chief Executives & the Police Department, shocking conspiracy theories were thrown to the public from time to time,….etc.

However, staying positive & keeping a sense of humor is one of the Hong Kong's spirits which help us going through these difficult days.

We could regard those as a form of revolutionary arts.  To share a few:


Artistic helmets from young protesters


The big yellow banner "we want real election!" at Hong Kong Famous Lion Rock (banner were claimed be set by Spiderman)


well designed logos & emblems

Cap usa

protester using Captain America shield was arrested by countless of policemen (they surely think he got the similar super human power)


orange Minions converted from public trash cans as protester's road blocks


cute characters representing us

The protest is still moving forward & backward and we love to see more creativities in art, design as well as solution to relieve this hostile situation between civilians, police & the governments.

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