Everything is Connected – But Why?

Like hunters from some primitive tribe we go forth on the hunt.

We are hunter-gatherers, scouring the trade shows, conventions, and the world at large to find 'food' to sustain the tribe back home – inspiration for new products we might create and license, to bring money in the door of our little community.

Perhaps we will bring back a new technology or two that we can incorporate into new concepts that our clientele will pay for the privilege of manufacturing, generating revenues to feed all the hungry mouths of our tribe.

"Wearable electronics" is one of the buzzword product categories everywhere you look this past year and a category I sense will become more and more common, even universal, in the years to come.


You also hear the word "connected" everywhere – everything is becoming connected to us via smartphones – gizmos, gadgets, vehicles, appliances, even our food. All these connected gizmos, gadgets, vehicles, and appliances will be connected to the internet and even to each other, for reasons which will become clear in time, no doubt.

We now have piggy banks that one can assess the contents of remotely via smartphone, only why? We have fresh egg racks for your fridge that are accessible by smartphone anywhere in the world to determine how many eggs you have and how old they are, but whatever for?

No doubt the reasons for such products will be made clear to me in due time. It appears that entirely new types of products are being birthed even as I write this, and no doubt we will encounter many in the days and weeks ahead. 

And so, we imaginers, creators, inventors, exploreres, and discoverers who bring into the world the new, unique, novel, amazing, entertaining, and inspirational products that light up the neural networks of kids everwhere. We hope to exercise their brains and develop their dexterity, curiosity, and imagination.

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