Disneyland; Walt’s First Draft



Reuben Klamer, the inventor of the Game of Life and other wonderful toys and games, once told me about visiting Walt Disney’s office.  It was the early 1950’s and he was there to do a presentation.  Set up in the middle of the room was a layout for Disneyland.   At that time Disneyland was just a concept, no asphalt had been poured and no castles constructed.  The presentation was there to convince prospective investors that the park was worth financing.

I had always wondered what Reuben actually saw and now I know thanks to boingboing.net.  The article, "Disneyland's Original Prospectus Revealed,"  is written by YA writer Guy Gavriel Kay and provides a rare glimplse at not only the maps but what Walt was thinking.  Not only that but Kay offers some interesting insights.

It looks surprisingly like the Disneyland we came to know but there were some differences.  There are no moving sidewalks nor is there a “Lilliputian Land.”  

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