Pictures from the Tocati Festival of Outdoor Play in Verona, Italy

0910140222Mexican Performers at the Tocati Festival in Verona, Italy (all of us in our native dress)

0911142021aA child playing an oversized board game in one of the plazas

0910141955aA little girl playing  "4 Red Hats".  She has to pick each one up with a stick and stack them on her head.

0911142006aSardinia is a  hotbed for slingshots (who knew?).  This gentleman is making them along the river in Verona.


Children having a great time with a travel game.

0910141954All games are hand-crafted.  This one involves magnets that are worked under the table to move the players.


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  1. Tocatì (literally “itsyourturn”) is a very special one, with contributions from all over Europe.

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