The Toy Highway: Next Stop the Tocati Festival in Verona, Italy





I like to talk about the Toy Highway that takes us to places like Hong Kong, Nuremberg, Sao Paulo, London, Shanghai and, yes, New York.  This year, the highway is taking me to the Tocati Festival in Old Town, Verona, Italy.

This year’s festival starts on September 18 and runs through the 21.  It is a celebration of games from around the world; all of them to be played outside.  This year’s featured country is Mexico and I believe there is at least one game that involves a ball that is on fire.  Yikes!  You can find a list of the games featured by clicking here.

I am very fortunate to be guided by my very good friend, journalist, Laila Caroli and her father, Daniele Caroli, Editor of Chief Editor Il Giornale dell'Infanzia.  (Yes, all you Derrick and the Dominos fans, her father, is former rock and roll critic, Daniele Caroli and he did name her for the song). 

By the way, I checked out Trip Advisor and 95% of those who had attended in the past rated it Excellent or Very Good.  I’m excited.

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