Why Go to China?

Why do toy company executives, owners, and their staff go to China? Why is so much time spent there? Aside from, or in addition to time spent at their Hong Kong and China offices, many smaller toy company owners of my acquaintance spend six months a year in China and others simply choose to live there full time.

Why, as inventors, do we go to Hong Kong and China? What are the benefits of such an arduous trip?


For toy company owners it is to keep their fingers on the pulse, the flow of goods, and money, the attention and interest of the factories. I have heard owners complain of financial losses as a result of not being at the factories in person. Of course, that can happen many ways, as you might well imagine.

Factories in China, working for many clients, devote their attentions to you and your products when you are physically there, but as soon as you leave it is devoted to whomever is ‘boots on the ground’ at the time. Your production becomes secondary again, at best. It is best to be there, otherwise things have a way of going awry.

We spent many a week on many a trip to Hong Kong and China prior to 2000. I visited factories and toy companies, made friends and established relationships that we enjoy and remain productive to this day. Something about going there seems to have resulted in bonding, and the result is that we licensed many of our toy concepts to these companies, until many of them went under in 2011.

For these reasons I continue to visit China and Hong to this day. There is still much for me to learn, people to meet, and relationships to strengthen.

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