Tocati Festival to Honor Mexico

I am going to be attending Tocati, the 12th annual Interational  Festival of Street Games in Vernona, Italy which will take place from September 18-21.  I strongly recommend you also consider attending this unique event that honors outdoor play.  This year, the festival is honoring Mexico and many of its street games will be featured. 

Though Mexico is the center of attention, there will be games played all over Verona in its many squares and streets.  Traffic will be blocked so participants can play with abandon.

Last year's festival drew 250,000 people.  That is quite a testimony to the joy and freedom of playing outdoors in our urban environments.  Those who can remember playing Hopscotch, Rock School, Stick Ball and other games can find out how urban play took place in other countries…and have fun doing it.

The games will be accompanied by great music and food (would you expect less from Italy?).  To learn more, visit the  Festival website by clicking here.

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