Loot Crate Has 100,000 Subscribers, Growing at 20% Per Month

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Most of you have probably not heard of Loot Crate since it is a geek based product/service. But it is another example of new and different ways to promote our industry like the Spiel Des Jahre Award, toy/game inventors and entrepreneurs (GoldieBlox's success was built on Debbie Sterling's story and PlaSmart was smart to use kid-wonder Nick Metzler in promotion of Squashed – everyone loves a story) and fashion (the Moshi Monster PlayCHIC look made it into Italian Vogue, British Fashion Week and next to Michael Acton Smith on the front page of the NY Int'l Times and more). Three-month-23c28a0b24e0cc05c4c1c7327851d228

ICv2 reported this morning, "It seems to be a concept that’s caught on; it’s already generating revenue at an $18 million annual rate (not including the shipping and handling charges).  And manufacturers and publishers looking for a way to connect with a geek audience are seeing Crates as a way to get samples of their products in the hands of 100,000 committed geeks, which can undoubtedly help with pricing."

Maybe some of you might be interested in Loot Crate or maybe someone might start a similar service for another segment. The U.S. Postal Service could use the additional business and promoting play to more people makes people and our industry healther and happier.

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  1. Hey Mary – timely call on LootCrate and all of these subscription-based retailers. They are a quickly growing segment of the overall retail distribution network and a meaningful way to get your product out there and noticed. Best part – you actually get paid for the PR opportunity.

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