Archie Dies



I like to write about Archie comics because:

  • It's a multi-generational shared memory (been around since 1941)
  • It has the courage to change with the times.
  • Archie's orange hair.
  • But the real reason is that they like to take chances with gay characters, zombie story lines and guest appearances from the likes of Glee.

Killing off Archie, is however, a whole other thing.  And that is what they are going to do in the July issue.

The death is part of the "Life With Archie" series which covers the years after high school and ponders things like Archie's marriages to Betty or Veronica.  They are expecting it to be a big selling issue and are gearing up for it with numerous covers by various artists and an oversized format.

What makes it all so interesting is there decision to follow up with issues that consider the impact of his death on the various characters.  By doing so, they in essence redefine Archie as his life becomes complete.

Good for Archie Comics.  Goodbye Archie. 


One thought

  1. I grew up on Archie comics so hearing that Archie is going to die in an upcoming issue…well that was definitely a shocker. But I’ve heard that they are killing him off in the comic to bring him back on the big screen. Archie is heading to Hollywood! Can’t wait to see what happens. The kid in me will always enjoy the adventures of Archie, Jughead and the Riverdale gang. (This reminds me of when Brian from Family Guy was “killed” yet only to come back a week later.)

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