The Ultimate Retailer; Japan’s Yodobashi-Akiba


















Christmas at Yodobashi Akiba

I have for some time now argued that there is no great retailer of play.  Yes, there are stores that sell toys or video games or televisons or sound systems or books or music but where are stores that sell, all under one roof, toys and video games and televisons and sound systems and books and music?  In other words, where is a store that combines the breadth and depth of a Toys R Us, a Barnes & Noble and a Best Buy?

I found that store while in Japan and its name is Yodobashi Akiba (See: "What is Yodobashi Akiba? What you get when you combine Toys R Us, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble?").  The entire time I was in the store I felt that I had traveled forward in time as the cutting edge quality of the products displayed and the way they were merchandisded were nothing like I had before expereinced.  Here are some pictures that convey a little of the impact but truly you need to see if for yourself:

IMG_0026Display of 3D Printers

IMG_0028A Phalanx of Toy Vending Machines

A close up of one of the machines vending toy animals


Shopguide_yodo_11Lots of Inventory

IMG_0030The Piano Department


IMG_0031Lots of shoppers

IMG_0032State of the Art Computers


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