Building a Career – With Toys


Unfortunately, this is not an article announcing job openings within the Toy Industry. Sorry. However, the following example may provide a great idea for approaching toy companies and toy job interviews if you are seeking just such an opportunity. 5z1SjGU

With the jobless rate in the U.S. still hovering around 6.7%, job seekers are being forced to find unique and unusual ways to make their skills and experience stand out among others. One requisite job search tool is that very uninspired looking piece of paper, called your resume. It is also the perfect vehicle for highlighting your creativity and problem-solving skills in this challenging job environment.   

A recent article from Mashable tells of how one young candidate became frustrated in her job search efforts and decided to create a toy-esque resume.  Her Lego avatar and Lego-inspired resume have created quite a buzz on the internet.  A truly unique mashup of a toy and a real life situation.  Just one more example of how toys are becoming increasingly versatile and powerful in our society, beyond play scenarios.

While the article does not mention if Leah actually landed a job or not, you can bet she had fun creating her resume and preparing for her interviews.  You can also bet she left a very lasting impression on potential employers.

Resume 2


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