Green Lantern is Jewish and Catholic; religion and the comic books

Maybe you knew that Green Lantern had a religion and that he was Jewish and Catholic or that Giant-Man is an atheist.  I did not; in fact I didn’t even know that comic book characters had religions.

Thanks to an interesting website,, I now know the religions of hundreds of super heroes and villains.   I find it interesting as it provides a whole new level of character and complexity to individuals known more for strength and existential anxiety than belief.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a super hero movie in which the character's specific religious beliefs played a role?

The index lists hundreds of characters and religions so I went through and just chose a few.  I encourage you to visit the website and see the full extent of religions represented. 

Anglican -  Captain Britain

3347871-7080045790-10727        Atheist – Giant-Man


Baptist – Ghost Rider       

                 Ghost Rider

Catholic – Black Cat


         Jewish – Doctor Fate (he’s a doctor…)


Muslim – The 99


Norse – Thor (talk about believing in yourself)






3 thoughts

  1. Mr. Gottlieb,
    Many religious beliefs are formed in our youth and carry strong messages, some unconsciously. It is not surprising that these comic stories have characters which emmulate a savior and or protector. Characteristics unlike, our religious belief in higher, powerful force. Very interesting perspective on what would only appear to entertain. We are much more than who we think we are! Perhaps they are really modern day Bible stories. Thanks, Well done.

  2. Dear Ortho St.John,
    There was of course no prejudice involved as the comment regarding Dr. Fate being a doctor was, obviously, meant to be an ironic statement. Irony is defined as “The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.”

  3. doctor fate must me a jew, because all doctors are jewish? quite an anti-semitic comment. when you classify a group by tendencies, its prejudiced. keep your comments to yourself

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