Touch Screens vs. Toys; The Fight for Play Time



Those who read my postings know that I believe that the fight is no longer just over space on a store shelf but for time in an end user’s head.  I think we all intuitively know that children spend a great deal of time playing on tablets and smart phones; but how much time?

I think that is an important question because, again intuitively, it seems like tablets and smart phones have taken more time…so far…than they have dollars.  If that is the case, it follows that at some point the traditional toy industry will see a greater and greater impact in terms of amounts spent on toys.  In other words, time may well be a leader indicator of spend.


It is difficult to know how children divide their play time but thanks to the Michael Cohen Group we now have some valuable insights.  MCG, a research group, surveyed children under the age of 12 and their parents.  The report, entitled “Touch Screens,” surveyed roughly 350 children (according to an article by Daniele DeAngelis Walker in the website ECN).

As you can see, tablet play is the most frequent activity. Take some time to review; think about it and then let’s discuss the findings in my next posting.


3 thoughts

  1. Imagine your child staring at a screen 60%+ of their play time! Scary. Children learn through play – rattles, blocks, pretend play, building! How cannthey do that on a screen?!

  2. Apps for kids are nothing more than
    Atari 2.0
    Toys will reign supreme when the toy company execs stop playing policital career – make Wal-Mart happy time and start up the likes of Godaikin and Milky the Cow once more.
    Electronics are no match for toys.

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