Toy Tech: Ellipses (Part 2 of 3)



Simply select your ellipse tool in Photoshop and eyeball the degree of angle you need—easy-peasy.  Then again, you actually need to know how to draw in perspective so you can select the correct ellipse, but I digress.

All you really need to care about is that you no longer need those expensive ellipse guides—especially if you are a tight budgeted design student. Just think about it, now you’ll have more money to spend on digital programs with those convenient monthly fees.

Oh yes, and a new computer and maybe a nice drawing tablet not to mention the extra odds and ends that will pop up. Once you do all of that you’ll have to eventually upgrade all of your equipment—truth be told it never really ends.

There is, of course, a place for the 3D programs as well, but certainly not for conceptual ideation sketches unless you can’t draw very well. In the blue sky idea stage it’s really all about discovering that wonderful, miraculous golden idea and then presenting that glorious concept in the best possible light with a solid sketch.


Continued In Part 3 . . .


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