Toy Tech: Ellipses (Part 1 of 3)




Digital marker concept for work: Creata © 2014

Ellipses were once a very tedious element to draw. Not only did you have to figure out what angle an ellipse should be, you also had to sift through your unorganized stack of ellipse templates ranging from 10% to 90% to find just the right one.

Of course I was very fastidious back in those days and always kept my templates well organized like an army drill sergeant. When I loaned my precious ellipse templates out to my co-workers, who being the highly creative freethinking types, they would always mess the order up and my left eyelid would uncontrollably twitch.

This infraction would, of course, unleash the nerd deep within causing me to re-organize my ellipses into military formations at the ready for the next battle of commercial deadlines.

Present day, however, digital ellipses in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator make drawing those difficult shapes extremely fast and easy. In fact, you can now draw just about any degree you can dream up and do it all in real time. 


Continued In Part 2 . . .


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