Creative Factor at Toy Fair features 3D Printing and More…

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2014 will mark the 10th anniversary of Creative Factor at Toy Fair – a drop-in learning center for inventors and designers hosted by the Toy Industry Association (TIA) and Brett Klisch of Drink Preservers LLC.

The free Creative Factor classes, panels and demonstrations provide Toy Fair’s creative entrepreneurs with a forum to exchange ideas and learn about bringing new concepts and products to market. This year’s sessions will cover a range of topics, including: alternate uses of 3D printing for toy production, managing a successful Kickstarter campaign, navigating new U.S. patent laws, and how to successfully market new products.

Read on for the entire Creative Factor event schedule. All sessions will be held in Booth 4872 on the show floor:


How to Create Effective Ads that Sell Your Toys (1 p.m.)
Graham Halky
– With 30 years of experience in licensing and toys, Graham will talk about inexpensive ways to create successful headlines for your consumer ads and getting the right image to sell your product.

Diane Cricchio - Owner of the production company TimeLine Video, Diane Cricchio will discuss the importance of motivating potential buyers through direct response advertising.  She will explain how DRA gives you the power to market your product directly to the consumer.

Vicky Accardo – Owner of Beat The Clock  Corporate Communications, Vicky will talk about a new trend in web based advertising – how to create and test your product commercials and track the results, showing you details about your target market you can use.

Resourcing Overseas (3 p.m.)
Charles Berzon of ProSource Global will present an in-depth and practical discussion of overseas manufacturing.  Charles will address the mechanics, successes and pitfalls of sourcing, factory qualification, production, quality control, logistics, intellectual property protection, and more.  A Q&A will follow.


Overview of New American Inventors Act (1 p.m.)
Craig Morris, Managing Attorney for Trademark Outreach, U.S.Patent & Trademark Office and Richard Mark Blank, Esq. will share what’s new and relevant in the land of provisional patents and how the American Inventors Act will impact you and your business. They will take an in-depth look at the importance of selecting a trademark that will be both federally acceptable and legally protectable in addition to discussing how trademark, copyrights, patents, domain names and business name registrations all differ. And if you have ever wondered about if and when to use an attorney when considering applying for a trademark, patent or copyright, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

The Secret Ingredient is Freedom (3 p.m.)
Jens de Pedro, Creative Director of Stories and Consumer Products, with Toca Boca will share why the world's most successful toy (Lego), computer toy (Minecraft) and touch screen toys (Toca Boca) all come from Scandinavia.  Join this session to learn how you can infuse your business with the secret ingredients. This session will change your view of what kids are, what they are capable of and how you can succeed by understanding the importance of freedom.

10th anniversary Creative Factor Cocktail Reception (5:30 p.m.)
Inventors, designers and others in the creative community are invited to commemorate a full decade of Creative Factor.  10 years of cutting-edge programs, demonstrations and presentations deserves to be recognized so come raise a glass and celebrate this milestone with the best in the business of creativity.


Crowdfunding 2014: Framing Up the Revolution (1 p.m.)
Crowdfunding is getting big fast with a new investment-based gold rush on the horizon and best practices evolving at the speed of light.  Join Business/IP lawyers Steve Edmiston and Mark Jordan of Invicta Law group PLLC who will share their lessons learned for projects in the toy and game space and offer insights into how you can find success in this new landscape.

3D Printing – Using the Output as the Final Product (3 p.m.)
This panel moderated by Brett Klisch and featuring guest speakers Alice Taylor ( and Wayne Losey ( will discuss 3D printing output as final sales pieces. You will hear the pros and cons of using additive manufacturing versus injection molding.  Q&A will follow.


During the entire run of the show, Creative Factor we will also be hosting artists doing creative demos in escalator lobbies outside hall C.

1C   Traditional Hand Sculpting
Eric Nocella
of Argonaut resinswill be demonstrating his hand sculpting techniques, used to create prototypes for some of the best companies in the toy industry.

1B   Large Scale Chalk Illustration
Eric Maruscak of Pepperink will be making a large 12 foot long chalk illustration in the motif of creative play.

1A Digital Modeling and 3D Printing
Peter Kelley of Kelley Studios will be demonstrating how he creates 3D models for production for many of the biggest names in the toy industry. Come watch a 3D printer create the forms live at the show.

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