Encore: 6 Articles that Tell You how to Survive and Even Thrive at Toy Fair


A number of readers requested that we rerun this article from last year.  We hope you find it helpful.

If you are a Toy Fair newbie or even a not yet seasoned veteran, you may be wondering what insiders have learned about not only surviving but thriving at Toy Fair.   Over the last three years, Global Toy News writers have offered up a wealth of wisdom on the subject.  Here is a list of articles on the topic:

Secrets of Surviving Toy Fair

Dawn Wilensky shares the secrets of toy industry veterans.

An Inventor’s Guide to Toy Fair 

Toy inventor extraordinaire, Bruce Lund, share his insights.

An Inventor’s Strategy for Success at Toy Fair

More wisdom from Bruce Lund.

Why Twitter is a Must Have at Toy Fair

Samantha Martin, President of Media Maison, thinks social networking at Toy Fair is a must.

Social Media Fits All Sizes at New York Toy Fair

Suzanne Mills Winkler agrees with Samantha Martin  in her article on all forms of social media.

Go Big or Go Home! A specialty retailer’s view of Toy Fair

Christine S. Osborne, the owner of three Wonder Works stores in South Carolina gives her advice for how specialty retailers can get the most out of their trip to New York.

Do you have any tips you want to share?

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  1. I had bookmarked this earlier, as I am attending the Nuremberg Toy Fair next week. I finally got the time to go through the collection today, and I must say Richard, this was very thoughtful on your part. I especially found the suggestion re: two pairs of shoes (for women) very practical.

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