Toy Tech: Promote Yourself (Part 3 of 3)



Visual cues to explain the interactive nature and customization of a blog template.


Make the decision not to become stagnant in your career by promoting yourself! Launch online media content that will bring your work to a larger audience of industry professionals. By doing so, many people throughout my career have helped me grow and offered wonderfull opportunities simply because I reached out and listened. 

Promoting your online presence is a task that never really ends because no successful person reaches a state of perfection where they know everything and don't need anyone else's feedback. If you think you know everything then your career is already over.

I personally enjoy my job and I have a boss I truly respect both professionally and personally, however, the advice I recieve by having online visability opens conversations with other talented professionals who inspire me to stay up to date with the latest trends in ideation, process management and technology.

Recently, a well known director I greatly admire sent me a very kind LinkedIn message with a bit of advice on pushing character design and camera angles along with info to stay in touch—I can't tell you how much I appreciate him for taking the time to do that. In fact, when I got his message I nearly wet myself.

Many people forget where they came from and turn their noses up once they find success while others find ways to give back. I would therefore suggest as you grow your career you also grow your heart and make the daily decision to give back by helping others reach for their true potentential. 

There are certainly a lot of jerks on the top but there are also some pretty caring people as well. The teachers and bosses you always remember are the ones that challenged you to be more—even when you didn't think you were ready. I for one would still be back in the old neighborhood without them.

You’ll be surprised how many gifted profesionals will give you invaluable advice when they see your strong level of commitment and personal dedication to the craft. Make sure you listen though—really listen to what they are saying and take it all to heart. Remember, your reputation in relating to people is just as important as your ideation and design work—build one that adds to your value and marketability.

As you put it all together, your blog should have strong ideation concepts in addition to solid graphic design and clearly articulated organizational skills. These visual cues serve to demonstrate you are prolific in many areas with digital skills that are up to the highest industry standards.

New opportunities will be sure to present themselves when you keep your skills up to date by constantly refining them and building a larger audience in the process. Just make sure you represent the full range of your creative abilities and industry knowledge throughout your promotional online content. You can only accomplish this by learning, exploring and constantly pushing the limits of your imagination.

The example of my blog posted in this article shows a strategic over all design sensibility with easy to navigate visual links to my GTN article archive, Facebook page and even my LinkedIn account anchored at the bottom of the blog. 

All of these components progressively reveal a great deal about me, all of which link back to each other providing career information along with a wide range of styles, techniques and even teaching demos making the journey a rather fun ride. If you follow the trail long enough, you'll even discover I've been a chaplain in the maximum security prison system for over twenty-five years.

In addition to this, building your own blog helps to organize your best work into one place giving you a higher vantage point to spot areas that are strong and those that need some serious improvement. It also showcases your already proven talent beyond the walls of your current job parameters by expanding your reach to a larger audience on the world wide web.

As you focus your energy in the positive direction of increasing your design abilities and over all skill set, opportunities for career advancement will not be far behind. Don't fall in love with a title—fall in love with the craft and the titles will seek you out. It's impossible to bury strong talent—the world is simply too big for that.

So, no matter what the industry may throw your way don’t ever give up and realize the best way to grow your career is to build your skills and make the decision to work hard to promote yourself.

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