Toy Tech: Digital Sketch Student Demo (Part 3)



Stage 3: Adding Digital Color, Pacific Rim, Warner Bros. Pictures © 2014

Ah, the final stage featuring glorious color and all of those nice highlights that add sparkle and sizzle to the final digital concept art. Did I say sizzle? Yes I did and I do apologize.

The point is, even though this is basically a straight on shot of the character the over all composition and, um, sizzle, make the image catch your eye. That’s so important for concept sketches because we are selling an idea so it needs to have impact and energy.

Try to limit your highlights so they are more concentrated as I tend to throw them everywhere. The shadows actually add the structural form to the image so, if anything, spend more time refining solid shadow patterns instead of noodling out highlights.

Well, that’s about it. Once this is done, you basically play around with your layer opacity settings to refine the textures, tonal shading, highlights and color combinations to blend them all together like an orchestra conductor.

If you love toy design and ideation it will come through in your sketches—that’s something no one can really teach you but is the most important ingredient of all. Enjoy the process and don’t judge yourself too hard. You’ll get better and better each time you try.

Hope this helps to inspire you to take what I did and make it better by adding your own signature style and personal vision.

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