Women In Toys to Honor Gund’s Rita Raiffe


RitaI always enjoy going to the Women In Toys Banquet for the opportunity to be with such a great group of people in such a beautiful, warm environment.   This year’s event takes place on a Monday night, February 17, 2014 at Pier 60 – Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier.

There is something special about people who have a passion for designing plush animals; at least I like to believe there is and I have not been disappointed.  Soft plush items are a gentle antidote for a sometimes very hard world.   Many of us, if not most of us, carry memories of being comforted by the feel and smell of a beloved stuffed friend in a scary, dark room.

4GUND Snuffles 30th Limited EditionThat was why I was so pleased to see that WIT was honoring Rita Raiffe with its Lifetime Achievement Award.  Gund is an iconic plush brand and Ms. Raiffe, Director of Design, is one of the reasons.  She is the daughter of Jacob Swedlin who purchased the company from its founder, Adolph Gund, in 1925 and her son, Bruce, is currently the Chairman and CEO.  She is, however, more than a plush blue blood.  She is a leader in plush design and revolutionized the industry through her conception of "under-stuffing."  

I hope to see you at the WIT banquet and join WIT in honoring Rita Raiffe.

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