How the Toy Industry Can Recruit Younger Salespeople

In my last two postings I wrote about what I see as an aging population of toy industry salespeopleThe older we get the more we have seen and this leads to a growth in selling skills but a natural loss of the excitement that comes from innocence.  A great industry needs a mix of the wise and the overly exuberant to provide the kind of disciplined animal spirits that leads to a rising tide.

In my last posting I wrote about why I think this is happening.   In this posting I want to talk about what can be done and who needs to do it:

Gut check

What do sales reps, those who actually do the work and are in the trenches, think?  Do they think that there is a future in independent toy selling?  Are they recommending it to their children and friends?


Is the toy industry as a whole doing enough to encourage our best and brightest to enter the industry upon graduation?  Are we on campuses or at least communicating with colleges about the excitement of working as a toy industry sales professional?

Going Digital

Are we providing products that speak to young people’s lives?  The type of products we produce may well play a key role in making the toy industry the place where younger people want to work.

Do you agree that there are not enough younger people in the sales professions?  If you do, what would you suggest that could be done?

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